OK in the Community
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At OK In The Community we believe in a personalised approach to care based on individual needs. Offering appropriate support to assist our customers with their day to day personal and domestic lives in order to facilitate secure and independent living within their own homes.

We believe the people we provide care for are first and foremost our customers and thus provide the services that they want rather than rigidly dictating to them in regards their own needs.  We believe in granting the kind of quality service and choice you would aim to provide customers in any sector, with customer need providing the framework. We talk about customers because we believe in choice and that everyone has the right to take their business elsewhere, therefore we strive to be the best option available to our customers as we believe they deserve nothing less than the best.

We believe the disabled and vulnerable deserve to live lives free of prejudice, discrimination and neglect within the community and self determination over their own lives and we work tirelessly to make this happen. We accept nothing less that delivering the kind of care that we would want our own vulnerable relatives or friends to receive, we are only satisfied when we've fulfilled this requirement